About your work computer

If you're reading this, it is probably because we just set you up with a Mac or iPad! We centrally manage and secure our Apple ecosystem with Kandji. Kandji reduces our exposure to security incidents and makes your computer easier to use by providing one-click software and printer installs via the self-service store. Kandji applies a standard configuration to every device (e.g., enable disk encryption, firewall, password rules), installs essential apps (e.g., Forticlient - our antivirus system), and ensures the apps have the latest security updates applied. Kandji also allows us to remotely wipe devices remotely should they be lost or stolen. Speaking of which, if your device is ever lost or stolen, please reach out to us so we can take the necessary steps to keep your data safe.

Kandji doesn’t mean you are being monitored or tracked! Kandji is a configuration management system, not a panopticon. We do have tooling in place that alerts IT automatically when suspicious activity happens on your work device. #DontBeSuspicious🎶

Although we don't prohibit you from using your work computer to handle the occasional personal matter, it is important to maintain a level of separation between work and personal use. Here's why:

Firstly, North Coast should not have access to your family photos, email, messages, and personal files. Secondly, one high-profile hack after another is due to commingling personal and work use on a laptop that has access to sensitive data. There are also other hazards of using your work computer to conduct your personal life:

  1. We may need to wipe a laptop remotely at any time and without notice. There should be no risk of destroying your personal data if we do this. (All your important work files should be stored in OneDrive.)
  2. If there’s a hack and we need to do forensics or take a device snapshot, the IT Team shouldn’t be saddled with sifting through your personal data, and we certainly don't want a breach of North Coast's systems to affect your personal life.
  3. If we do malware or secrets scanning, we shouldn’t have to look at employee bank account details, government ID numbers, or other personal data that turn up in personal documents interspersed with work documents.
  4. If we need to turn over work devices to authorities because of a lawsuit, your personal data shouldn’t be embroiled in any subsequent legal investigation.

Ultimately, work computers are for work, so please make sure personal data and personal computing are kept to your own device. We know that many questions can arise from documents like this; if you have questions, please do reach out. You can also find our complete Terms of Use here.

Creation date: 11/7/2023 12:33 PM      Updated: 11/14/2023 9:55 AM
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