How do I choose a group?

When selecting a group, we strongly recommend you choose a group based on its leader and host team and Station-in-Life (common stage in life), rather than its location. Over the years, we’ve found that groups do best when members share a common Station-in-Life and other interests with their leaders, hosts and other group members. In the end, you’ll find it’s worth the drive!

Remember, these Station-in-Life groupings are intentionally kept fuzzy and are meant to help you self-select an appropriate group for you. They are not intended to box you in. To learn more about each Station-in-Life check out our page on choosing a group.

If you have any questions (especially if you are new to North Coast Church), please don’t hesitate to call the church, and we will gladly assist you. Keep in mind that it might take two or three groups before you find the perfect fit, but don’t worry, you’ll find it!

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